Benedict Generations

Discovering our American, Canadian and European Ancestors

Elwyn Ellsworth Benedict

Elwyn Ellsworth Benedict 1930-2010 - author of "Genealogy of the Benedicts in America" Vol II


-- Norwich, Norfolk county, in 1874

The original North American Benedict line came from a Thomas Benedict of Norfolk county of England. Thomas; born in 1617, he was raised an only son. His mother he had lost early; his father marrying, for his second wife, a widow, who had a daughter, Mary Bridgham. Fleeing the cruelties and oppressions of the Stuarts in England, in 1637 Thomas emigrated to the New Colonies of North America, accompanied in the same ship by Mary Bridgham, his step-sister. They married shortly after arrival in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, then moved to a new English settlement on Long Island, there raising nine children and eventually settling in Norwalk in the Commonwealth of Connecticut.

Here continues the folklore and descendants of those ancestors of ours. You will find the biographies and family lines of our Benedicts from Thomas on down to the more recently departed. This is a gathering of family stories, tales, research and other loose ends. Where we can, we have sources; but a good story is worth saving for the children.

The Benedict family in North America starts with Thomas Benedict 1617-1689 and trickles down to the author of this website, Jim Benedict. If you have comments or submissions, please contact us.

Peter George Benedict

Peter George Benedict and Agnes McPhail, grandparents of the author